Christian Family Radio is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, non-profit, non-commercial Christian radio station. We have an estimated radiated power of 14,000 watts and an FM frequency of 90.7 megahertz in the Bowling Green area. Additionally  you can listen to us at 89.3 FM in Glasgow (800 watts) and at 91.7 FM in the Owensboro area. Our studios are located at 1407 Scottsville Road in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Our signal is heard within a 50 to 60 miles of Bowling Green, and is heard in nearly 25 counties in Kentucky and nearly 11 in northern Tennessee.

Christian Family Radio began as a dream of our board of directors’ member James Chapman over 27 years ago. After he and his wife returned from vacation, they shared with their youth group about a Christian radio station they had heard. From that point, the youth made a covenant together to pray for a full-time Christian radio station in the Bowling Green area. In 1984, a non-profit, corporation was set up to establish just such a station. Construction was approved in February 1985, and Christian Family Radio went on the air on April 23, 1986.

Christian Family Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, with a mix of contemporary Christian music and sound biblical teaching. Our format is approximately 80% music and 20% teaching programs from nationally syndicated ministries. Our on-air staff strives for professionalism while always keeping an attitude of ministry. Our primary goal is to exhibit the love of Christ over the air and to be a friend to the listener. We also have several scheduled times of prayer each day, during which we lift up reports of needs and praise that our listeners have phoned in.

Christian Family Radio has always and will continue to be actively involved with area churches to serve them in whatever capacity we can. We promote their activities free of charge, and our staff members are always available to speak to any church groups or congregations. In addition to benefiting the Christian community, Christian Family Radio is involved with civic organizations and issues. We are very active in the pro-life and traditional marriage cause. We’re also active in the fight against pornography and the demoralization of our society while trying to remain apolitical and unbiased with the exception of matters concerning the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian Family Radio also helps other community-service organizations with their fund-raisers. Other special community events are covered to help generate community involvement. Among these are frequent partnerships with other outreach ministries such as H.O.T.E.L. I.N.C., The Salvation Army, Hope House, and others.

As we near our third decade of ministry, we feel that Christian Family Radio has just scratched the surface. God is preparing this ministry for a great work, and we wait humbly in great anticipation of what He can do. In the immediate future, we are looking to expand our coverage to other cities that don’t have a contemporary Christian music station via translators, a highly economical way of repeating our signal on different frequencies. 

We pray that you will feel compelled by God’s Holy Spirit to be a part of this dynamic ministry. Feel free to come by the studios anytime and take a tour, or call and ask us any questions you might have. Thank you, and may God richly bless you with the love of His Son, Jesus Christ.