When your business partners with Christian Family Radio you get exposure on a high-quality, much-listened to Christian radio Station that reaches a wide demographic focusing on women 24-46 with a secondary target of ages 13-23 and a tertiary target of ages 47-56. That’s why we call it…Christian Family Radio!

Christian Family Radio has listener loyalty like no other format can offer! Which radio stations can say their listeners support businesses that support their favorite radio stations? Christian Radio Stations, that’s who! 

Since Christian Family Radio is licensed as a non-profit, educational radio station by the Federal Communications Commission we are strictly regulated about what we can say about our underwriters in these announcements. We cannot and do not sell traditional commercials like most radio stations.

Businesses, churches and even individuals can commit to a specific amount of support which fund all or part of the expenses of that program or music segment. In return for this commitment, Christian Family Radio mentions their names, phone numbers, addresses, and brief statement about the business.

We believe that when you support The Lord’s work, He blesses it! Satisfaction: Every time you turn on the radio, you can know God is working through you to help make Christian Family Radio possible!

To find out more about business underwriting on Christian Family Radio, call Bridget Kehrt-Groce or Ken Burns at (270) 781-7326, 1-800-978-5755 or download the information packet.