God's wonderful "YES! resounds, reinforcing that His love is unstoppable, and through His Strength anything is possible. Acts 8:8 tells us that “there was great joy in that city” and we know that the joy of the Lord will continue to be our strength. 



After strategic reflection and pursuit of God’s directives for the next year, we steadfastly believe that media should be a strength for communities and we are mandated to serve three core groups: His people, those who do not know Him yet, and those who have walked away from Him. You have been essential in this mission!

Your investment equips our ministry to showcase God’s glory through the stories of:

Local, state and National Pro-Life ministries waging war for the Sanctity of Human Life

Public prayer gatherings for government and business leaders, educators, non-for-profits, missionaries, pastors, worship leaders, CCM artists, homeless community members, refugee families, and college ministries

Worship concerts featuring:
Zach Williams, Casting Crowns, Tenth Avenue North, For King & Country, Jordan Feliz, CeCe Winans, Matthew West, Newsboys, Crowder, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, David Dunn, Grayson Reed, and Hollyn

Ministries that clothe, feed and restore the sick, disabled and afflicted to wholeness

Your prayer, participation and financial support continues the unstoppable momentum of God.

 So, we ask, “Would you please…”

Give a single or monthly gift today.

Your contribution will bear much fruit and will be utilized with utmost fidelity.

Not everyone will get a “yes” but just asking has the potential to bring us to 100% funding. Who do you know who believes in vital faith, a biblical worldview, strong families, and edifying media?

We're grateful for what has been given so far.
$59,000 to go 86%