CFR celebrates that music is the language that transcends cultural barriers, travels global distances, and unites generations.  We love that the music is ministering to all who listen.  CFR lives to be media that makes our community stronger.

New artist Austin French visited the station recently to showcase his song “Freedom Hymn” that you’re hearing on CFR.  There are multiple blessings in these personal visits with our artistslearning about God’s promises for them, praying together and seeing God’s direction in their worship ministry. 

Austin shared how he ministered to recovering addicts and witnessed freedom.  He saw how their new chemical-free life changed them forever: their walk, talk and even heart beat now functioning in a whole new manner. Austin said, “Isn’t that what believers should do, too?”

The music impassions us to live the message of what God is doing now.  Just this month, these praise stories were shared:

“After the loss of my daughter, I’m hearing the songs with such a raw level of emotion and they mean even more now.  I’ve resigned to a boldness of honesty. When people ask me how I go on, I tell them it’s not how, but who­—Jesus.”  ~90.7 FM Listener


“I am unable to sleep because of the exhaustive demands of my job.  I turn on CFR and hear songs that speak about the very things my heart is wrestling with. It calms me and reminds me that my God knows my every need.”  ~California listener (Streams CFR 3,000 miles away)


 “I work with young people that have experienced abandonment and victimization.  We use the music of CFR to allow them to identify their pain and point them to the sole healer of their life. It never fails, on my hardest days the songs that play during my commute home help me release all the pain I have heard and seen all day.” ~91.7 FM Listener

Your generous support of CFR allows us to proclaim Christ’s freedom through music, programming and community events.  Freedom inspires a bold confidence in Jesus, and we are trusting the Lord to supply resources to fully fund His work through CFR.

Will you prayerfully consider your best gift for this year and then freely give?  Your role in this ministry is crucial and you are treasured for it!

Faithfully Together,
Bridget Kehrt-Groce
Executive Director


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