Christian Family Radio is playing all Christmas music this season in an effort to reach those who might not ordinarily listen to us.

We want everyone to hear the glorious news about the babe in the manger who by His sinless life and shed blood, set us free of the chains of sin and death.

We realize there are some who tire of the Christmas music, and in response, we ask that you will pray for those who will hear the Gospel for the first time. The regular CFR music will be back in just a few short weeks.

Besides, we have carefully chosen the very best Christmas music that not only presents the real and glorious message of Christ’s advent, but where one can flip a radio on in every room of the house to make it a wonderful soundtrack of your Holiday all day and all night now through Christmas Day.

We thoughtfully and prayerfully decided to do this Christmas emphasis as an evangelistic tool. But we need your help. You may have experienced the reality that your friends and family are a little more open to hearing about spiritual things during the Christmas season. Many who would never listen to Christian radio are more open to do so when they’re listening to a station playing all Christmas music.

By simply telling your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances to tune-in during this season, could allow the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts drawing them to Christ. Also, by having the radio on in the back ground during get-togethers allows an easy opportunity to share Christ and/or the station.

Your favorite Christian artists perform original and traditional Christmas songs that proclaim so well the wonderful and glorious news of the advent of our Savior. Add the passion of these artists for the Gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit and one has a potent message that can speak directly to a listener’s heart with unparalleled precision one’s need for Christ.

Tell your neighbors, acquaintances and friends to make CFR the sound track of their season! During Christmas get-togethers turn the radio on for atmosphere. Tune in at work and/or tell your co-workers. Don’t forget to mention the wonderful Christmas music on CFR at PTA meetings and sports outings. All you need to say is, “Hey! There is great Christmas music all the time on CFR.” 

Our hope is that while they are listening for the Christmas music they would hear and respond to the ever present Gospel message presented along with the Christmas music.

Thanks for praying for us and for helping us fulfill the vision that God has called us to do. If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, please feel free drop us an email at mail@christianfamilyradio.com

Merry Christmas!
Team CFR