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30 Day Challenge

16 January 2018 Featured Heard On-Air

Share Your 30 Day Challenge "Vital Faith" Story

The 30 Day Challenge

At CFR we always remind you that vital faith, combined with a strong family makes a community thrive in God’s presence. But how do you have that kind of faith?

Here’s the challenge—tune out the surrounding noise, especially entertainment that makes it hard to focus on God. Then—take the CFR 30 Day Challenge to focus on God’s voice and let him speak to you as you listen to CFR – playing the music that points you to God—and do it for 30 days.

Invite your family and friends to join you. Help those closest to you start the year fresh with a new perspective and a road to a stronger relationship with God.


We all know the fate of most “new year’s resolutions” but this challenge is more than a resolution, it’s a frame of mind, it’s a lifestyle. This is YOUR 30 Day Challenge. It’s your chance to experience the joy that God puts in your heart through Christian Family Radio.

CFR is here for you, to support you and keep you uplifted on this journey!