Live Here. Give Here. Blood Drive Event | 03.12.21

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Christian Family Radio is partnering with NewLife Church to host a

Blood Drive Event

Friday, March 12th, 


Give LIFE back to your community and enter to win an Amazon Echo Dot!

Why Give?

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. Just one donation can save up to 3 peoples lives.  Every day, blood donors help patients of all ages facing COVID, Cancer, Trauma, or Chronic-Disease.  Reserve your spot to GIVE LIFE today!

Meet Amanda.

As a nurse and paramedic, Amanda Solt, is used to being the one on the frontline helping to patients in need in her community. However, the tables turned for her when she became ill with coronavirus. In a matter of a week, Mrs. Solt’s health went from bad to worse causing her to be rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU). Amanda received what she credits as her lifesaving plasma. She said, “I feel it in my heart of hearts that it’s because of the plasma and I am so humbled that someone had donated. Saying thank you feels so minuscule, how do you say thank you for a second chance?”

Meet Nari'k.

Nari’k Page is 22 years old and lives with sickle cell disease. Once every three months he is hospitalized for a sickle cell pain crisis and receives blood transfusions. It’s important that he receive blood from the same race of similar ethnicity to help prevent complications from frequent transfusion therapies.

Sickle cell disease affects more than 80,000 people in the U.S., 98% are African American. Most patients require frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives. 

Meet Molly.

Molly was born with a blood disorder called Beta Thalassemia Major. She receives two units of blood every three weeks, making her blood transfusion dependent for the rest of her life. Molly is able to live her life to the fullest due to the generosity of blood donors like you!

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