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CFR&R Week

13 July 2020 Featured Heard On-Air Uncategorized

CFR&R Week

Thank you for joining us for some Summer fun! You can find each days video and staycation ideas on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to our prize winners: Cindy, Shelley, Beau, Joseph, and Bobbi. 

With your support CFR&R Week “fun”raised 56 hours of ministry!

The average family will take 40 hours of paid time off, drive about 12 hours one way, and spend $4,580 on a summer beach vacation.  If that’s not your plan this year, then spend the week with us, your Staycation Station!  We’ll be featuring local things to do, funny videos,  and giveaways–all in an effort to “fun-raise” 168 hours of CFR ministry.  168 – that’s how many hours are in one week! 

Day 1: 

Steph’s staycation location is Owensboro! 👀 Did you spot Steph’s skipping skills? Sippin’ on a tea from The Creme Coffee House and reading by the river at Smothers Park are the perfect combo for a relaxing day!


Day 2: 

Take a break and get out in nature like Derek! Just make sure you get lunch first. 😂

Mammoth Cave

Day 3: 

Dale’s staycation idea starts with a race around the track 🏁 and ends with relaxing on the beach 🏖 Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Mammoth Cave

Day 4: 

You can catch Bridget at her favorite hippie hangout all season long! You can also catch her famous “high kick” at the end. 😂💃 Paradise Point Marketplace

Day 5: 

Our golf game may need some work but we had so much fun at The Golf Place Inc. 🏌️⛳️