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7 September 2021 CFR Events Events Featured Heard On-Air

"Now I'm Walking Free"

To be FREE of life’s challenges seems almost impossible in our current climate. Yet, as followers of Jesus, that’s exactly what we are! The month of September is listener support month, so on-air you’re going to hear stories of people who have been set free by Jesus and what that FREEDOM looks like now.

Showcasing what ONLY God can do is a story worth being told 24 hours a day 7 days a week—and that continues only by your generous support. So if this ministry is being used to strengthen your faith—would you take the time right now to give your best gift? 

 It takes $55 for every hour, help us fund one month (720 hours) of broadcast ministry.

-Bridget Kehrt Groce, CFR Executive Director

Ways to Give: