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Fall Pledge Drive: Goal met!

23 September 2019 Featured Uncategorized

The goal for Raise A Hallelujah: Fall Pledge Drive was to get 400 of the remaining 2,500 broadcasting hours funded. Amazingly, you met and exceeded that goal!


If you were planning to give during pledge drive, but didn’t get a chance, you still can! Your support is still needed because more 1,900 hours remain to be funded for fiscal year 2019. 


You are a valued part of Tribe CFR!  Thanks to you, CFR exists to amplify Kingdom culture in believers, families, and communities.  Kingdom culture is vital—full of life and essential in the human experience; it is sincere—authentic and true in content; and it is unified—among all streams of Christian faith as one body.


CFR amplifies Kingdom culture by sharing the story of God’s glory in the lives of people from all over the world right, down to your own zip code.  With music, scripture, biblical teaching, testimonies and conversations you are a part of sharing that God is real, He loves people, and wants to be reconciled with all humankind. 

Choose the giving level that's right for you!