Listener Support Month

1 March 2019 CFR Events Featured

Your support of Christian Family Radio is the very “how” in the CFR ministry model. This month we are celebrating listeners and supporters and hope you will experience joy and satisfaction over the following milestones from the past year!

More and more, believers and non-believers are turning to CFR as a resource for truth, God- mindsets, and a purpose-filled life. By “more and more” we mean:


20,000+ followers on Facebook

740+ followers on Instagram
22,000+ weekly listeners

More than 1.9 million “likes”
23.2% of our online listeners are international
14,000 hours streamed by Mexico, Germany, Greece & Russia

The White House hosts a monthly conference call with faith leaders, pastors, and CCM artists all over the country to discuss different policy areas that impact the faith community—CFR is an invited participant on this call! It is direct access to hear about the administration’s faith initiatives and how WE as Christian media can play a crucial role.

Modern generations are looking for authentic answers and unbiased Truth. The community of Christ has the most authentic Truth to offer—Jesus. CFR is called to deliver consistent kingdom Truth through music, biblical programming, online content, and community influence—every day of every year.

Your support is the lifeline of CFR’s ministry.


We’ve developed a Club 180 partnership as a way for listeners to ensure the latest music, teachings, and Christ-centered content radiates in your community. Club 180 consists of $15 per month or a single gift of $180. This is a manageable way for single-gift supporters to enter into regular engagement as ministry partners.


Would you pledge $15/month or a single gift of $180?


This type of “friend-raising” is how the Lord provides for His media and allows us to experience a greater relationship with you in ministry!