Meet Nate

Nate Thomas
Host of
“Music with Nate”

God placed a love for radio in my heart since a very young age. Since about 12 years old I’ve known that this is what I wanted to do! I’ve been in radio full-time for 20 years! My career in radio has taken me to different places in the country, but one thing I LOVE about CFR is that it is a local community-focused radio ministry that deeply cares for people right here.


A little about me…I am married with two daughters (9 and 11). I love being a dad to girls! Just like you, I have my struggles. Particularly anxiety has been an issue, but through the involvement of my local church, mentorship, and pressing on with my relationship with Jesus and others, God has helped me. I am thankful that through life’s struggles we are never alone! Thank you for allowing me to live vital faith out loud with you every Sunday!