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She is a mom and grandmother who called with a TON of grattitude for CFR’s music and messages.  Lucinda explained that recently, CFR has been essential to her family.  Her son is facing a divorce and often feels desperate and depressed.  She recommended Christian Family Radio to give him hope and it’s working!  He keeps it on all the time and it’s really helping Him reconnected to God.  

When you invest in the ministry of CFR, you are providing the right music, message, and prayer a hurting family needs.


Frank wakes up early for work and enjoys starting his day with CFR’s Tony Evans teachings at 5:30.  If he’s had a long day, he still looks forward to ending it with with Christian Family Radio.  (use audio clip here) Especially on hard days, Frank can turn on CFR and get back to the right perspective.  Christian Family Radio is a daily resource of strength for Frank! 

Your support helps strengthen the faith of those in your community!


I’ve been hesitant to share my story because of shame, guilt and embarrassment, worried what would people (the world) think of me. There are very few that know my story but with suicide (attempts and deaths) in our community ever increasing it’s time to share HOPE. In the fall 2014 I tried to end my life because I let the devil tell me I was worthless, useless, and life would go on for those around and they would even be better off, that my friends is a lie! God spared my life and continues to carry me daily. Please know whatever valley your in, God knows. Whatever storm your facing, God knows. It’s hard to see it while your in it but hold tight to His promises, His mercy is unending and joy comes in the morning.

Supporting CFR means you are helping people begin and end their day with hope.

Austin French

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, Austin experienced things that left him disillusioned with church.  As he got older, he realized his brokenness and turned to Christ. Songs you might know by Austin French are “Freedom Hymn” and “Born Again” …and he has a new one, “Wake Up, Sleeper.”

Your gift to Christian Family Radio…may be the one God uses to heal the hurt in someone’s life …just like God did in Austin’s!