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Impact Stories

Tony has listened to CFR as a way of combating depression and anxiety—a well-guarded secret in his life. He called CFR asking about a song and ended up sharing his struggle on the phone. We prayed with him and recommended trusted Christian counselors to help him. Tony followed up to report he is now in treatment and is doing much better! He credits God using the music and encouragement of CFR for his healing.

Through your support, you’ve helped Tony find greater freedom!  


Barbie lost her son many years ago and now fosters multiple children, which is very difficult at times. She called to say “thank you” for talking about foster care/adoption and challenging believers to stand for life at all ages. CFR’s music helps teach her kids about God and reveals their personality by which songs they like. Barbie says, “My youngest one is 3 and Toby Mac’s Help Is on The Way is his favorite. He has speech challenges so he “drums” to the sound of the song.

Because you make CFR possible, you’re planting faith in the heart of young children through music!


Karalyn called for prayer. Her youngest son, who previously relied on religious behavior to please God, was now struggling with an alcoholic relapse, and having doubts about his faith after losing his older brother. A staff member prayed with her, put the request on our prayer line and several announcers prayed over the request on-air. Karalyn called back to report that her son is better understanding the grace of God and is growing in authentic faith!

Your generosity means that every listener has access to prayer support and is encouraged to trust God!


Jordan has been delivered from addiction and now works for an addiction recovery ministry, Friends of Sinners in Owensboro, KY. He tells anyone who will listen how Jesus gave him a whole new life and set him free. He recently came to the studio to talk about what God is doing through FOS and to promote their next fundraiser.

Your support means testimonies like Jordan’s get amplified to thousands of listeners, and other non-profits have a voice in media.