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A gift of $55 covers 1 hour of music and ministry.

$15/month or a gift of $180 provides 3 hours of ministry that can change the course of someone’s day…even the direction of their life. 

$55/month or a gift of $660 funds 12 hours and comes with an entire day where your message plays at the beginning of every hour on the day you choose.

Whatever amount God is leading you to give!

Impact Stories

She is a healthcare worker who has been exhausted by the demands of the healthcare crisis. She listens every morning because, “The music helps me focus on the truth that God has not abandoned us, that this virus did not surprise Him and that even in the midst of unknown HE is always faithful.” In her weariness, your ministry gives her the right mindset to keep going.  

When you provide for one or more of the hours that CFR is on the air, you are providing strength for the day for healthcare workers, teachers, factory workers–whether they work 1st shift or 3rd. 


Kenneth battles depression and his doctors cannot increase his medication. He shared, “I feel like the world is winning the battle on me–I go to work, I feel heavy…like I can’t get through it…But one thing that does help is I keep CFR on. I’m asking you to pray for an old guy who feels worn out.” Many people today are really fighting darkness and fatigue. CFR is a place anyone can turn to , tune in or download for consistent hope.

Your support of CFR ensures that everyone has access to a free resource of hope and prayer support. 


Edna is walking out a difficult divorce and listens from Canada. She found your ministry in her app. store when she couldn’t get her local Christian radio station to pick up in her home. The song “Reasons” by Jason Gray is voicing her heart’s cry. Edna is finding peace and stability in not having all the answers to her life’s circumstances right now because what she hears on CFR testifies that God is still in control. 

Your support makes it possible for anyone in the world to have free access to the exact song or message they need to hear from God at the exact time they need to hear it.

Austin French

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, Austin experienced things that left him disillusioned with church.  As he got older, he realized his brokenness and turned to Christ. Songs you might know by Austin French are “Freedom Hymn” and “Born Again” …and he has a new one, “Wake Up, Sleeper.”

Your gift to Christian Family Radio…may be the one God uses to heal the hurt in someone’s life …just like God did in Austin’s!