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Impact Stories

Amanda is a young mom with three kids and a busy schedule, spending lots of time in the car transporting them around.


There are so many stations to choose from, but each one has many songs that promote content not appropriate for little ears. 

Amanda needs a station that is good for the whole family with appealing music, lyrics and content that reinforce good values. With programs like Focus on the Family and the memorable music on CFR, the mundane task of a car-ride turns into ministry to her family.


One hour is about how much time it takes a parent to get their children to and from an activity.  Would you cover one hour of ministry so families like Amanda’s can go from transportation to transformation?


Julius is a former addict and drug dealer housed at Friends of Sinners ministry in Owensboro.

Fatherless, alone, addicted, and unsure about the future, Julius had no point of reference for a normal life.

Listening to CFR during a weightlifting workout, Big Daddy Weave’s song “I Am Redeemed” spoke to Julius, and he felt the love of God for the first time.  Broken and weeping, he surrendered his future to God’s will and gained the resolve that with Christ all things are possible.

Music can make a difference in someones life. Are you willing to help sponsor a 180 change. 


Michelle is a new christian who works in a child support agency.


Many of her clients are facing discouraging circumstances and come to her agency for help.

As a new Christian, Michelle needed the kind of music to help her with her faith and new life. Listening to CFR gives her encouragement for her own life and for the lives of her clients. Michelle takes what she hears on CFR and passes it on to others!


If music provides the soundtrack to our real lives, your partnership provides a soundtrack full of hope, promise and great advice for living.  


Mark Hall from Casting Crowns

Mark is a member of one of the most well-known groups in Christian Music. Music is Mark’s ministry to the world.


CFR serves Christian artists by broadcasting their work to thousands and serving as their hospitality when they come to the region.

Through your partnership, CFR is able to share the ministry of hundreds of artists across thousands of square miles and to thousands of people–all day every day.  Through events like Raise A Hallelujah, you can partner with CFR to keep this type of ministry freely available to the public.