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Impact Stories

 Carla is a long-time listener who had requested prayer for almost 5 years on behalf of her cancer-fighting mother in Guatemala.  She recently let us know how much the prayers of CFR listeners have ministered to her and her family.  HER MOM IS NOW CANCER-FREE and is moving to the States!  The impact you’ve had on Carla’s family may have started in her zip code, but it has reached thousands of miles away.  Your prayer ministry has a global reach!

As a financial supporter of CFR you are part of prayer ministry that spans the globe and covers your local community.  You are part of Carla’s story because of your partnership in your CFR ministry. 

Tom & Jenny

 Tom & Jenny  have recently moved to the area and found CFR—“been listening ever since!” they wrote.  They are actively looking for a church and community connections.  Tuning in to CFR helps them learn about local churches, attend community events, and feeds them spiritually.  You may never meet Tom & Jenny, but you have already welcomed them with Christ-like hospitality!  Your hospitality ministry welcomes those searching for a faith home and community connection!

CFR is a great resource for anyone looking for a faith home because we freely share upcoming events and outreaches of local churches and fellowships.  Your support of 1 hour or more helps us share that information to those looking for a faith family!


Bobbie grew up listening to CFR and treasures those memories.  Now a mother of three with kids ranging from 18 to 7, she is touched that her children can share in that experience.  Decades ago, generous listeners made this ministry available to Bobbie and now a listener like you is doing the same for her children.  Your media ministry has a generational impact!

Decades ago, generous listeners made it possible for Bobbie to access CFR.  Right now, you can provide that same resource for other youth.  Maybe 20 years from now, they’ll be the ones giving their own testimony!  You can be a part of that TODAY.

Zach Williams

Zach is a Christian music artist whose songs “Chain Breaker”, “Old Church Choir” and “Rescue Story” have topped the charts. Before his rise to fame, Zach struggled with addiction despite being raised in church. Being able to play his music and share his story has been an inspiration to thousands who tune in to our frequency.

CFR serves Christian artists by broadcasting their work to thousands and serving as their hospitality when they come to the region.

Through your partnership, CFR is able to share the ministry of hundreds of artists across thousands of square miles and to thousands of people–all day every day.