Meet the CFR Team

For more than 35 years, CFR has been on a mission to share all the stories of what God is doing in their community and how lives are being changed. Bridget says that “the mission is to showcase God’s glory through the story. We tell that story continually, keeping it current…it should be vital, vibrant, alive, and well-displayed.”

Team Sq.

Bridget Kehrt-Groce

Executive Director & Co-Host of “Mornings with Derek & Bridget”

Derek Gregory

Program Director & Co-Host of “Mornings with Derek & Bridget”

Dale McCubbins

Production Manager & Host of “Weekends with Dale”

Stephanie Matthews

Partnership Director

Aimee Bracken

Office Manager

Miranda Power

Communications Coordinator

Ransom Bennett

Host of "Weekends with Ransom"

Rick Hall

Host of “Afternoons with Rick”

Tami Rumfelt

Host of “Middays with Tami”

Scott Jackson

Host of “Evenings with Scott”

Alex Bitterling

Host of "The Pulse"

Jack Robertson

CFR News Update

Caitlin Dunbar

Traffic Administrator

Crystal Cummings

Graphic Designer