Bridget Kehrt-Groce

CFR and I have a beautiful HIS-story. The Lord brought me here as a college student, then again full-time as an adult, and back again as the Executive Director.  I affectionately call this leg of the journey my third tour of duty and it is a labor of joy!  Media is a big influence in our culture and that’s why it excites me to be a part of a media ministry that shows how God still actively and relevantly transforms lives today.

Both my husband and son are great men whom I refer to as modern day cowboys.  I live on a farm where the sunrise and sunset framed against a horse still stops me in my tracks.  Our family loves the outdoors- so anytime we can be enjoying the masterpieces that God has created we are ALL in.  We love a good hike and national parks are our favorite vacation destinations.

Because I say it often, the CFR team now repeats, “words make worlds!”  Being in media, the weight that God used words to bring the earth to life is not lost on me.  He gave us a powerful precedent.   For that reason, the focus of my life is to honor the Lord and use my words wisely.


Bridget Kehrt-Groce

Executive Director & Co-Host of “Mornings with Derek & Bridget”