Real Estate

By Miranda Power | May 15, 2024

May 15th – Ep. 15 – Prepare for the Home Buying Process. May 22nd – Ep.16 – Mortgage Options May 29th – Ep. 17 – What Factors Drive Your Interest Rate. June 5th – Ep. 18 – Selling Your Home

Financial Literacy: Biblical Principles

By Miranda Power | April 3, 2024

Ep. 10 – Principle #1: Spend Less than you Earn The month of April has been deemed “Financial Literacy Month” by the US government. With this focus on financial literacy, we decided to get back to the basics for our April content. This is a great time to revisit the foundation of a solid financial…

Debunking Tax Myths

By Miranda Power | February 21, 2024

02/21/2024 – Ep. 7 Marginal Tax Brackets In the US, we operate under a federal marginal tax bracket system. What in the world does that mean? It’s actually quite simple – different portions of your income are taxed at different rates. Here’s an example: Bill and Sally make a combined income of $100,000 each year.…

Preparing for Tax Season: Ep. 3-6

By Miranda Power | January 17, 2024

01/17/2024 – Ep. 3 Get Your Documents – What Do You Need? To start your preparation for tax season, the first step is to keep your documents organized as you receive them. In order for your tax preparer to efficiently file your taxes (and potentially lower your preparation fee by saving them time), it can…

Set a Financial Goal for 2024

By Miranda Power | January 10, 2024

As you look back on your year and plan for 2024, spend some time reflecting on your finances. What went well? What didn’t go well? What caused you stress? What are you excited about? These questions can be helpful in framing up a financial goal for the year. When setting a goal, make sure to…

Review Your Savings Plan

By Miranda Power | January 3, 2024

Going into a new year, it’s important to review your savings rate to ensure that it will allow you to fund your short and long-term goals. As a general rule of thumb, 10-15% of your gross income should be directed towards long-term savings. While reviewing your savings rate, make sure to take a look to…

Review Your Investment Allocation

By Miranda Power | December 27, 2023

Throughout the year, markets move up and down. Some years, the swings can be drastic. It’s important to review your allocation to ensure that your risk level is still appropriate for your goals and time horizon. It’s typically a best practice to rebalance your portfolio at least annually. While it’s important to keep your allocation…

Update Your Spending Plan

By Miranda Power | December 20, 2023

There are ultimately four things that we can do with the money we’ve been given: Give, Live, Owe, Grow. We can give it away, use it to live on, owe debt or taxes, and grow (or save) it. In order to take steps forward financially, it’s important to first understand where your cash flow is…

Review Beneficiaries and Estate Planning Documents

By Miranda Power | December 13, 2023

The end of the year is a great time to review your beneficiaries and estate planning documents. It’s easy to forget about these designations throughout the year, especially when a major life event happens. Helping the next steward to be prepared is one of the most important financial gifts we can give. It’s important to…

Shifting Your Charitable Giving

By Miranda Power | December 6, 2023