The World’s Big Three Questions

By Miranda Power | August 17, 2022

As financial planners, the three most common questions that we get are as follows: · Will I ever have enough? · Will it always be enough? · How much is enough? The first two questions are especially prevalent. Let’s dive into each in a bit more detail. Will I ever have enough? Almost daily, we…

Biblical Money Management – What’s the Need?

By Miranda Power | August 10, 2022

We live in a society today that is focused almost solely on the “worldly” perspective. In other words, how does this decision impact my life on Earth? We oftentimes don’t view decisions with an eternal perspective – especially financial decisions. This worldly perspective (which is often based on emotional decision-making that leads to short-term satisfaction) has led to some startling trends:

Biblical Money Management – What’s the Importance?

By Miranda Power | August 3, 2022

Money is a subject that impacts each of our lives on a daily basis. There are thousands of moving pieces, decisions to be made, and conflicting advice that floats around our society. What’s the best way to handle it all? Not surprisingly, God’s Word has ample to say about the topic of money.