Biblical Money Management – What’s the Need?

We live in a society today that is focused almost solely on the “worldly” perspective. In other words, how does this decision impact my life on Earth? We oftentimes don’t view decisions with an eternal perspective – especially financial decisions. This worldly perspective (which is often based on emotional decision-making that leads to short-term satisfaction) has led to some startling trends:

· Wealth is growing, but in the hands of a few.

· Most 65 year-olds are not financially independent.

· Most wills don’t include charitable giving, and many don’t have a will.

· As income goes up, giving percentage tends to come down.

· On average, Christians give between 1-3% of their income.

The worldly perspective also creates anxiety, confusion, and stress when it comes to the management of our finances. God has provided us a blueprint and a better way – and He wants what’s best for us! How different would today’s world be if each Christian increased their annual giving by 1%? Think of the resources that would be freed up for Kingdom purposes!

Next week, we’ll review the World’s Big Three Questions.

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Miranda Power