The World’s Big Three Questions

As financial planners, the three most common questions that we get are as follows:

· Will I ever have enough?

· Will it always be enough?

· How much is enough?

The first two questions are especially prevalent. Let’s dive into each in a bit more detail.

Will I ever have enough?

Almost daily, we fall into the habit of thinking, “If I just had __, I would feel more comfortable/happy/content (insert any feeling!).” We work nearly our entire lives to build resources to allow us to live the life that we want to live. We also ask ourselves, “Am I even on the right track to have enough? How long will this take?” These questions can lead to a constant worry about reaching our perceived finish line.

Will it always be enough?

Once we reach the point of retirement, our question shifts to “Will it always be enough?” People are often worried and anxious about their resources lasting longer than they do.

How much is enough?

The first two questions are, in large part, dictated by our lifestyle. It’s common for us to wonder, “What should I be spending on ___ or ___?” We often don’t stop to ponder what lifestyle God has called us to.

While these questions can be important and can have a place in our lives, they should not be our driving factor behind all financial decisions. These questions can be answered as math problems, but we want to make sure that our belief and decision-making is properly grounded as well.

For next week, we’ll discuss the Big Three Questions from a Biblical Worldview. We look forward to having you!

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Miranda Power