Dale McCubbins

I’ve been attracted to radio since I got my own jambox radio for my 12th birthday, it had a recorder in it, so I’d record myself talking over the song intros and outros. I felt called into ministry as a college student and discovered Christian radio. I LOVE THE alive-ness to it! I have the privilege and responsibility of speaking to one person – while anywhere from  25 to 50 to maybe 100 thousand people may be listening at any given moment. I might say something that may not seem so impactful to me — GOD can, will, AND HAS used it in a powerful way in a listeners life.

Somethings you might know about me is I play several different instruments well enough to play with others, and play on my praise team at church. I  enjoy dance & theater!   I really ‘got into’ tap jazz & yes, even ballet in college, and have been singing (joyfully noisy)  since I was a kid, and I AM a Dance Dad / Dance Husband … and have been known to appear on stage as background character/singer/dancer in musical theatre or comedies; as well as either the wife or the daughter’s dance classes productions, and also using radio skills to edit dance music.

I thoroughly enjoy production work, especially when it comes to making a local concert announcement sound as good audio quality as a nationally produced announcement. I still like to find JUST THE RIGHT MUSIC that will “go” with an underwriter’s support statement  – the mood of the music, the style, the feel.


Dale McCubbins

Production Manager & Host of “Weekends with Dale”