Derek Gregory

It’s hard to believe, but true… I’ve been on the radio for 20 years! My first paid gig was at an AM Southern Gospel station in my hometown. We broadcast from sunrise to sunset each day. I was drawn into radio because it blended my love for music, acting, and the Gospel perfectly.

When I’m not on the radio you can find me serving at my church on the worship and media teams, as well as on and off stage with The Public Theatre of Kentucky.

Something most people don’t know about me is I’ve experienced depression. It was a battle I thought I couldn’t win. But by God’s power I did. The first step to overcoming it was admitting it to my family and friends. If you’re experiencing this… don’t hide it. Talk to someone. You can defeat it and your joy will return!


Derek Gregory

Program Director & Co-Host of “Mornings with Derek & Bridget”