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Socks for Seniors| 11.4-12.9

28 October 2019 CFR Events Events Featured Heard On-Air

9th Annual
Socks for Seniors


Collection runs from

Nov. 4th-Dec. 9th


Last year, you blessed 23 residences for senior citizens by donating a record 4,297 pairs of socks during “Socks For Seniors!”

What kind of socks?

The funnier, funkier holiday styles you can find.

  • Fun Fuzzy Socks
  • Colorful long socks
  • White Tube socks
  • Socks with grips on bottom (to prevent sliding)
  • Orthopedic Socks, etc.

The brighter the better!


Socks For Seniors and it’s volunteers have one priority this Holiday Season and that is to bring holiday cheer along with a pair of new socks to warm the hearts and cover the cold feet of our elderly seniors.


The holidays are a fun time of year with all the holiday work parties, gatherings, with all the bells, whistles, hustle and bustle of the season.


But, for some it can also be a depressing time of year.
Our seniors can get lost in the shuffle.

Each year, thousands of lonely and financially challenged seniors struggle with the holiday blues. They dread facing the holiday season alone – some being without family or friends, some with the isolation of being a widow or widower. Some seniors just being away from children and grandchildren produces extreme loneliness that’s exaggerated by festivities of the season.