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WePray40 | 10.18 – 11.26

16 October 2020 Featured

WePray40 is a movement of prayer to
unify and transform the SOKY faith community
through repentance, forgiveness, faith,
grace, peace and gratitude.

Find all the WePray40 resources below. 

Day 1

Sunday Oct. 18th 


Persecuted Churches in Malaysia

Reading: Ezra 1

Day 2

Monday Oct. 19th 

Coming Back

Persecuted Churches in Ethiopia

Reading: Ezra 2

Day 3

Tuesday Oct. 20th 

Prayer for Family & Community

Persecuted Churches in Bangladash

Reading: Ezra 3

Day 4

Wednesday Oct. 21st 

Fruitful Passions

Persecuted Churches in Brunei

Reading: Ezra 4