I love listening to CFR because the music and testimonies are constant reminders of the grace of God and His promise to never leave nor forsake me!


I contribute much of my salvation to the Lord’s working through CFR.


If I get the opportunity to visit the US, I will visit you guys! CFR is taking us closer to Heaven!

James, South Africa

Thank you guys for always playing or saying the right thing to help me keep my focus on God.


The Lord used CFR to help carry me through the toughest time in my life. It renewed a hope in me, and constantly reminded me through songs, prayers, and God’s Word that everything was going to be okay.

CFR Listener

Thank you CFR for letting God use you to reach people like me who need to be reminded, “Just say Jesus”.


I’m not sure how I could make it through the day sometimes without your prayers and encouragement and the wonderful music you play when I seem to need it the most.


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