Holy Week Goes Live: “A Stirring in Jerusalem”

Listen for “Live updates” every hour during Holy Week

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to experience Holy Week firsthand? Imagine the crowd erupting as Jesus enters Jerusalem, the energy crackling in the air. Or picture the tension outside Pilate’s court, the mob chanting, the verdict hanging in the balance.

When you listen to “A Stirring in Jerusalem,” you can almost feel like you were there. This innovative daily “news update” takes the familiar events of Holy Week and reimagines them for today’s culture.

Forget dusty parchments and ancient texts. This is Holy Week live! Picture the crowds not waving palm branches but holding up smartphones to capture Jesus’ arrival. Reporters shove mics in their faces, trying to get reactions from bystanders. Imagine the social media frenzy, the debates raging online.

“A Stirring in Jerusalem” isn’t just about the spectacle, though. By placing these timeless events in a modern setting, the program allows you to connect with them on a deeper level. You can sense the raw emotions, the confusion, the faith of the people who witnessed these world-changing events.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on Holy Week, listen to “A Stirring in Jerusalem” at the beginning of every hour during Holy Week (Monday – Sunday)… or using the on-demand player below. It’s a reminder that the power of these events transcends time and place. It’s a story that continues to resonate today, even in our age of instant information and social media.

“A Stirring in Jerusalem” is a Moody Radio production.

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Miranda Power