We’ve Got A New Look! CFR Marks 36 Years with New Branding.

Christian Family Radio (CFR) is marking its 36th year in ministry with a ribbon cutting to reveal a new logo. The event will be held on May 3, 2022, 1:00 p.m. at Vid Monster Productions’ Siren Studio at 523 East 7th Ave in Bowling Green.

“Thirty-six years as a listener-funded broadcast ministry is really a testimony to the generosity of our region and that positive and uplifting media is valued in the community,” Bridget Kehrt-Groce, Executive Director for CFR remarked. “It’s also the result of cherished board members who have shepherded the ministry from humble beginnings to our current 3-station coverage area. That stewardship is how we’ve been able to strengthen faith, family, and communities for this long.”

Marking this milestone with a new logo seems fitting and it would not be possible without the generosity and skill of Vid Monster Productions. The new logo was designed by Chris Butler, Director of Art & Design at Vid Monster Productions. The logo went through numerous renditions before the final product.

“Chris was very patient and accommodating considering we didn’t really have a strong artistic direction when we began the process. We just knew we wanted a rebrand that grew from what we had,” stated Miranda Power, CFR’s Communication Coordinator. Powers adds that Butler’s background in radio broadcasting made it an easy collaboration.

Hosting the ribbon cutting at Siren Studios was Vid Monster’s idea because it was the perfect location to do a video reveal of the new graphics. “People know we are a full-service video production company, but we wanted to showcase that we also do digital artwork, custom animation, and illustration,” added Sam Kirby, Owner & Founder of Vid Monster.

“Being a non-profit, generous partnerships like these are essential to our ability to serve our listeners. Even today, the refreshments are provided by one of our partners, Providence Coffee House and Market Place. It takes partners to serve the community and create something special like this reveal,” confides Stephanie Matthews, CFR’s Partnership Director.

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